Boudoir Barbie, Pt. 1

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Covid-19 Edition.

This gallery was originally only posted to my “Boudoir Barrie VIP Group” in hopes of providing some entertainment for my boudie babes during this strange time, however, by request to make it public here we are.

Long story short: I needed something creative to do a few days ago so the neighbour’s kid let me borrow her L.O.L Surprise Doll. I walked around their house throwing random, tiny, items into a bag for props (kitchen sign, fake plant, soap holder, makeup mirror, etc) then spent 30 minutes back in my studio with “Leo”. Posing a stiff doll (literally) was a lot harder than giving direction to a real human so if I can make a doll look this good then you’re in for a treat when social distancing lifts.

All in all isolation has resorted to documenting inanimate objects so enjoy a laugh as you scroll through these & send help to your people photographers! We miss you!

Behind the scenes:

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